The HTC-Q is a non-profit organization. The provincial organization administers  eventing competitions and events under the national rules dictated by Canada Equestrian.


 Our mission is to promote our sport to our members and to the new generation of riders to help our human and equine athletes reach their full potential.


Inspire participation and excellence in eventing competitions.


  • Inform members and answer their questions related to the competitions held in the province of Quebec.

  • Assist organisers by providing needed items such as bibs, radio and safe flags.

  • Find sponsors to help the development of the eventing competition in Quebec and the development of our athletes.

  • Develop and fund clinics and programs to support the development of our athletes.

  • Connect with Cheval Quebec for the Excellence Development Program.

  • As the provincial organization, make the connection with Canada Equestrian, which is the national entity that governs all the competitions held in Canada.


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