Level 1.00 m (training) to 1.15 m (intermediate)


  • Promote the purchase of a horse from the name Cheval Origine Québec

  • Increase the appreciation of horses raised in Quebec.



  • Prize of $ 350 to the owner of the best Cheval Origine Québec in each of the 10 disciplines identified and including plaque to its breeder.

  • Publish the list of winners in Cheval Québec Magazine and in the Cheval Branché.

  • Show the Cheval Origine Québec logo next to each horse name entered in the program in the results that appear on the Cheval Québec website.

  • Increase the diversity of publications that appear on the website of Cheval Québec.

  • Award presentation at the awards parties of each discipline at the end of the season.



  • The horse must be registered in the Cheval Origine Québec program before the end of the competition season. Cheval Origine Québec, consult the page:

  • The owner of the horse must be a member of Cheval Québec

  • The horse must participate in less than three (3) competitions held in Quebec in events of the same level at the reception of the horses of Western Pleasure.



The horse must be registered in at least one (1) full Competition Event, at least three (3) different competitions held in Quebec. The winner will be the horse that has obtained, at the highest level, the highest cumulative score among the participating horses Cheval Origine Québec.

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