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W h y   j o i n   o u r   t e a m ?

As the Quebec regional body for equestrian sport and industry your partnership with ACCC-Q would provide you with regional exposure and increased brand awareness. Its scope is not limited to Quebec, but attracts participants from out-of province to the specific venue, and online.

Eventing’s unique blend of action and lifestyle captivates enthusiasts from all walks of life, attracting those from urban and rural centres. Spectators enjoy exhilarating sport and atmosphere, aided by the many volunteers in various roles, and peers follow events through Internet and social media.

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A   F E W   N U M B E R S . . .

• 855 000 active Canadians in the horse industry

• 342 250 Canadians participate annually in competitions

• 1,6 billion spent on horse-related products and services

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