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Presentation of your trophies
Gala annuel: Inner_about

Inspirational trophy

Because we have all crossed paths with someone who has greatly inspired us.
This trophy rewards a person who has been a source of inspiration in the world of eventing.

Fille avec cheval

Simon Lambert Trophy

The Simon-Lambert Trophy is awarded to a person from the equestrian community who, despite several setbacks, persists in overcoming obstacles, while maintaining positive energy and demonstrating sportsmanship recognized by all.

Formation de cheval

Founders plaque

Eventing is lucky to be worn by many people. These allow the establishment and development of your discipline in Quebec.

Chevaux sauvages islandais

Cup A. Emard et Dr. J.L. Flipot 

No riding without a horse and no horse without breeding!
This trophy recognizes the best breeding horse having competed this year. The horse must not have previously received the award and may have competed at any level.

Poney dans le champ

Bewitched Trophy

Remis à la jument ayant les résultats les plus remarquables en concours complet. La jument ne doit pas avoir déjà reçu le prix et peut avoir compétitionné à tout niveau.


Pre-Arctic Cup

Succession is the springboard to the future!
This trophy is intended to celebrate the pre-training level horse showing the most promising future. The horse must not yet have competed at a higher level than this.

Trois chevaux
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