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Depending on the level of the competition and the capacity of the host site, the competition can take place over a period of one to three days. However, apart from an exceptional weather event, all candidates in the same category pass the same test on the same day.  Consequently, each participant must present himself or herself at the exact time indicated in each of his or her tests.


Each phase is rated separately. Afterwards, the penalties for dressage, cross and show jumping are added up. Riders are ranked by negative score; the rider who has the least penalty points at the end of the competition is declared the winner.


Upon arrival at the contest site, the rider must pass to the secretariat to recover his envelope. It contains its starting times for the three divisions, its identification number, its cross-country bib and information about the contest.

Globally (but not mandatory) the process of a competition is as follows:

  • Arrival at the venue of the contest and recovery of your envelope

  • Scouting of the cross course

  • Dressage, followed by a temporary ranking

  • Cross country, followed by a temporary ranking


  • Scouting of  the obstacle jump course


  • Show  jumping event, followed by  the final ranking and award ceremony

The dressage phase is always the first one of the competition. It is followed by the cross or stadium.

For the dressage phase, the participants evolve on a rectangular field of 60 m by 20 m (1,00 m and upper levels) or 40 m by 20 m (0,90 m and lower levels).


A few hours before their turn or the day before, the riders can go and recognize their cross course by walking the entire course to recognize the path to follow, the obstacles, choose its trajectories… It is expressly forbidden to walk the course with a horse. The riders, however, have the right to go recognize the course whenever they wish and as many times as they wish.


The support between the competitors and the good mood of all are crucial

for  atmosphere of the three day event!

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